Why a PHC



This is Not Your New Normal.

Are you desperate for a change because of a poor medical report, an autoimmune issue that is wreaking havoc on your daily life, or a health crisis that has caused you to start taking your health seriously for the first time? Sadly, this is usually what needs to happen in order for you to take the next step, but conventional wisdom and traditional medicine might leave you more confused than ever as things just don't seem to be getting better:
  • The weight isn't coming off (even after cooking your way through that entire 'health' cookbook you found the other day).
  • Exhaustion is your new best friend, with brain fog and lack-of-sleep as frequent dinner guests.
  • Your gut is in ruins, no matter how many pills you take.
  • The autoimmune symptoms are so debilitating on a regular basis that you've accepted them as a norm. You must have just been "born this way" or are "just getting older." 

Your Health --> Back to the Start

Perhaps you've been following modern-day dietary and exercise guidelines your whole life, only to find yourself with food allergies, gut issues, chronic fatigue, or worse. Learning from our ancestors - to a time before processed, packaged foods, chronic workouts at the gym, the (SAD) Standard American Diet and our high-stress lifestyles - you'll no longer be a sideline spectator of yourself. You will be in control of your health and wellness in a new, lasting way.
This isn't just about following a short-term diet for a few short-term benefits; it is a lifestyle change. But starting out on a Primal journey on your own can be daunting and confusing. There are a lot of voices out there, and a lot of time can be spent sifting through all of the data and information to find what is personally right for you. Let me be your guide: Primal Health Coaching is all about your transformation, and personalizing the Primal lifestyle around you. 








What Can a Primal Health Coach do for Me?

A Primal Health Coach is an active participant and support system for your #1 goal - becoming healthier. Whether you are new to ancestral health, health coaching, or the benefits of leaving the standard of "processed and packaged" for a more vibrant, nutrient-dense diet, I will be with you every step of the way with:

Constant contact and feedback. Leave the research to me, and relax knowing someone is with you and guiding you every step of the way.

Grocery lists, menu ideas, and do's and don'ts (and the reasons behind them) to help instill healthier eating habits and nutritional homeostasis into your daily life.

Focus. Take the energy you've been spending searching for answers and zero-in on creating and reaching tangible goals instead.

What to Expect


Step 1 - Contact

The first step on your journey to optimum health starts with the Initial Health Review. I will schedule a personalized one-on-one session with you to review all aspects of your current state of health, to talk about your story, and provide feedback on how a Primal lifestyle can benefit you and your goals. 


Step 2 - Plan

We will work together designing a plan that moves you towards your health goals. Whether that's losing weight, improving gut health, overcoming an autoimmune issue or increasing fitness, the journey you are on will be emphasized and a custom plan created to help you succeed. 


Step 3 - Agreements

This is a chance for you to take an overall look at the coaching plan and make agreements with yourself on the commitment you are making for your health. Health coaching is a relationship, and the more we trust each-other to the agreements we have made for daily and weekly practices you will be incorporating on this journey, the more successful you will be!


Step 4 - Coaching 

Weekly coaching calls via phone or webcam (Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.) with regular check-ins and unlimited contact as needs arise. Primal Health Coaching emphasizes three areas, which are inclusive and tailored to you and your specific needs:



Food is medicine. The base foundation of your overall health and wellness depends solely on the types of foods you are consuming. A Primal-aligned diet can help restore your body to optimal wellness, while allowing nutrient-dense foods that taste amazing and support healing, vitality, and your body composition goals. Eggs, steak, and butter anyone?



Gone are the days of excessive hours spent at the gym for minimal gains. The best thing about primal fitness? Anyone can do it! It's moving the way our ancestors moved. If your goals are to build muscle, primal movement supports that. If this is your first real attempt at a fitness program, primal movement supports that. Scalable. Customized. Individual. 



Sleep, stress, and other lifestyle factors come in to play in more ways than people give them credit for when it comes to your overall health and wellness. No nutrition or fitness plan in the world can help overcome the effects of poor sleep and stressful lifestyles. Leaning on our ancestral examples, we work on maximizing recovery (sleep), and minimizing stress.