What is Primal

What is Primal?

We're a far cry from Eden. 

We've seen more change in the last 200 years than ever in our human history. The way we eat, sleep, work, interact with people, and move have undergone complete pattern changes, or paradigm shifts, from how our ancestry took on the pre-industrial society world as they knew it. The advent of this new society brought many changes (some beneficial, some not so beneficial) that influence our daily lives, and mechanized agriculture and commercialized food processing continue to leave their mark. In the U.S. alone, metabolic diseases (obesity, high blood-pressure, type 2 diabetes) affect nearly 35% of us. 50% if you are over 60!* And it is getting worse. 

How do we turn this debilitating trend around? We look back - way back - for clues on how we were designed to eat and live. Back to the start, to the beginning where the food we ate didn't come out of a box. Where we relied on what God provided for us through plants and animals. Though our eating habits have changed, our genomes (for the most part) have not. Our bodies crave protein and fat - macro-nutrients we were designed from the beginning to prefer, over the bloated carbohydrate and grain dominance we see in every manner of processed and packaged food today - things that were never part of our original, primal diet. Our bodies crave movement, and the optimal amounts of sleep, and close, meaningful social interaction. These things are fading fast from today's society. But we can be the voice for change, starting with you. It's time we take our health back! Following in our primal ancestors' footprints, we (you) can do just that. 

What is Primal Living?

It's taking cues from our ancestry on how to optimize our eating, sleeping, fitness, and lifestyles. That's why I chose the name In the Beginning Health. Because it's about going back to the start, to satisfy our body's inherited genetic longing for the right balance in nutrition and in life. Let's take your health back to the start, back to your "primal blueprint," and on a journey towards optimal wellness. 

How Can it Help Me?

Drawing strongly from an ancestral (Paleo) diet, Primal living focuses on enhancing nutrition and also improving lifestyle habits for integrative health.  Using this template as a reset has helped countless people with their individual needs - weight loss, autoimmune disease, gut health, skin issues - (due to modern diet and stressors) recover and thrive naturally, allowing your health goals to finally be acheived.


Diet and nutrition play a massively important role in transitioning to the primal world. As a matter of fact, of the 8 key concepts of the Primal Blueprint (a link for more information is at the bottom of this page) 4 deal specifically with dietary choices. I truly believe that 80% of your body composition success is determined by how you eat. 

Nutrition also plays a huge role in the concept of epigenetics, or the ability to literally reprogram your genes. If you are dealing with an autoimmune or metabolic disease, this basically means it is possible to silence inherited genes that currently or could cause damage, and express those genes that have been silenced through poor dietary choices, like becoming a fat-burner instead of a carb-burner. Trust me, the difference is night and day. 

What can you eat? A lot! Emphasize meat, fish, foul, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Speaking of carbohydrates, the amount of carbs we take in per day have a direct influence on the amount of extra weight we carry around. The normal range of carbohydrates for humans is anywhere from 0-150 grams. The normal amount a typical American consumes in one day, according to the Standard American (SAD) Diet? Over 250.As you can see, this is not sustainable. A primal diet allows for nutritious varieties of extremely satisfying foods while cutting your carb load in half.

Food is medicine. And the more we rely on the food we eat to provide the correct balance of macro-nutrients for our bodies, and micro-nutrients (nutrition/antioxidants) to keep us thriving, the less dependent we will be on our healthcare system to fill in the gaps for something we were designed to do ourselves.


Remember when you were a child? When any stretch of grass (or sidewalk or street for that matter) was turned into an Olympic-quality track to show off your sprinting skills. When it didn't matter where you were or what time of day it was - you played. And usually played hard. Then, you spent a good amount of time doing all of our favorite thing: napping.

Movement is essential to the human experience, yet more frequently our idea of movement constitutes a few hours in the gym every day, followed by sitting stationary during the car ride to the office, behind a desk for 8+ hours, then home to sit on the couch for the remainder of the day. Sedentary is the main course, while movement is too compartmentalized for some, or completely non-existent for others. 

The reality is that living a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality*As they say, "sitting is the new smoking." 

The Primal Blueprint Fitness model is built around movement - move as much as you can, when you can, wherever you can. Renewing that child-like playful attitude toward life, going hard at exercises (once-in-a-while), and allowing for ample time to rest and recover. 

Exercise is an ineffective way to lose weight. The old model of "calories in, calories out" invites chronic patterns of stress - stress at the gym (too much, too often), and stress in your food habits (binging on carbs and sugar to replenish an overly-exhausted body). This isn't an anti-gym culture, but it is a call to slow down, move frequently, and exercise with intensity - allowing for ample time for outdoor fun and relaxation for maximum gains with less effort.


Life should be about checks and balances. Just like chronic workout pattern mentioned above, factors such as lack of sleep, dealing with too much stress too often, and other lifestyle habits can get out of hand very quickly, to the detriment of your health. 

If you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together with good diet and good fitness habits but still can't lose the stubborn weight, still have autoimmune flareups, gut issues, or your energy just hasn't gotten any better, living in a high-stress environment or sleep issues can usually be to blame. There is no denying the power of sleep on your overall health, and no health or wellness plan in the world can get you to where you want to go if you deprive yourself of this essential human trait. 

On a similar note, our body's design to recognize stress is an inherently primal trait. You have a decision to make if a wild animal is running after you: fight or flee. In our modern "urban jungle" this can be quite problematic. Our bodies stress response literally can't differentiate between a life-threatening event or an angry email from a coworker. Stress = inflammation. Inflammation = the root of almost all modern diseases we face today. 

Primal living gives you more than a plan for fitness and nutrition: it is a plan for living your fullest, by finding healing and wholeness through rest, less screen time, respecting (and even finding) your circadian rhythm, and dealing with modern-day stressors with ease.

Now it's your turn.

There is more to the story - your story of optimal wellness, and we're just getting started. Support and guidance from a Certified Primal Health Coach will ensure that the steps you take will be the most beneficial for you and your health goals. You don't have to do this alone. These principles you will learn have the power to change you and your family's life in countless ways. Don't just be a spectator of your health: be the main event.

I'm Ready! 

For more on how to lose weight, get fit, and feel awesome, visit What is the Primal Blueprint.