A Primal Christmas Book Flood

The season is upon us! Browsing through many of my favorite blogs, I was inspired by an Icelandic tradition I had never heard of before, but sounded incredible. Being somewhat of a bookworm myself, I’ve decided to share my favorite list of health books either purchased or borrowed over the last year to help inspire your own personal “book flood” to help you on your journey to optimal health. AND, my first ever give-away! That’s right, read on to find out about a very special book I am giving away (hopefully even getting to the lucky winner in time for Christmas).

The first give-away for In the Beginning Health. A very special book can be yours. Details below!

So what is a Christmas Book Flood, you ask? The jólabókaflóð, or “Yule Book Flood” apparently originated in Iceland during World War II when imports on gifts was limited due to currency restrictions.Because of this, imports on paper (which was cheaper and had less restrictions) were a little easier to come by, and thus the humble book became the gift of choice and the tradition stands to this day. You can read more about it here and here. In fact, those articles were so inspiring that my little family and I will be having our own jólabókaflóð this Christmas (after spending hours at our Public Library’s used book sale!).

Without further ado, 5 of my favorite health-themed books to brighten up your winter and to lend help along the way.

5. The Paleo Cure, Chris Kresser

If I were to point to one book that completely changed my health when I was sick, tired, frustrated with the answers I was getting from Modern medicine, and desperately looking for answers, this is it. Chris Kresser is a paleo/ancestral health giant, and you would be doing yourself a huge favor to visit his website regularly. Originally known as the Health Detective, Chris pours a lot of information into this book, as well as a detailed “paleo reset” plan to get you going. Full of recipes, food facts, and the why’s and how to’s, if you’ve tried modern medicine and have questions (deep) about the paleo movement and how it can help you, start here.

4. Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson

The foundation of my Primal Health Coach certificate, Mark has written a very compelling case for living and eating like our ancestors ate. If Chris Kresser (above) laid the framework for taking my health seriously for the first time and questioning the modern medicine machine, Mark showed me the usefulness of leaning on our ancestor’s eating, fitness, and lifestyle habits to create what and who I want to be physically and mentally. This book is accessible, a pleasure to read, has science behind the why’s, and frankly has the best plan to achieving healing and health I’ve ever seen, which is why I poured so much time into learning how to teach this stuff. I’ve seen it change people’s lives.

3. Brain Maker, David Perlmutter

Gut health has become somewhat of a passion of mine. But wait, the book title is Brain Maker, what does that have to do with the gut?? Read on! David makes a great case for the importance of your gut microbiome (all the little bugs that live inside of us) and the amazing and complicated gut-brain axis. To have a healthy brain, it starts in your gut. Chances are, any disease you have starts in your gut as well, and that’s something you may have inherited from birth. David also includes recipes and strategies to keep your microbiome running on all cylinders. This (caring for your gut) is the future of health care, and a very likely answer to our biggest questions about brain health.

2. Head Strong, Dave Asprey

This was a surprisingly good read. I always enjoyed Dave Asprey, from his podcasts to his great health products (and amazing bulletproof coffee), but Head Strong takes his other work, The Bulletproof Diet, to a whole new level. If you are looking for optimal awareness and mental focus, as well as keeping your body as healthy as possible, the “bio-hacks” in this book could prove extremely useful. I know they do for me. Mind your Mitochondria!

1. Hope and Help for your Nerves, Claire Weeks

And coming in at #1, a life-changing book. I first began reading this as client research, and after highlighting about 90% of it, I knew it was a winner I would refer to, and remember, for a long time. Originally published in 1962, the majority of the content here is still extremely relevant. Sure, there are references to some techniques that might not be totally useful anymore (shock therapy, for one), but reading past that to the main and practical points of navigating past fear (of failure of getting healthy, or that you might fall back to same sickness as before) are astounding. This is also my most-gifted book of the year: I’ve handed out several copies of it to people who might need a reminder that the mind is good at reminding us how it felt to be sick, even if we have healed. If a part of you always fears its return, whether an autoimmune disease, weight issues, etc. then this book is a must.

There are many, many more I could add to the list, but we will save that for another time. What are some books that have had an impact on you and your health lately? I’d love to hear about them.

And now GIVEAWAY time! While supporting our Local Library to find jólabókaflóð treasures, I came across a great looking, gently used (a few pen markings, but hey, it’s free) copy of one of the paleo-movement’s founding works. An important read for anyone looking to go back to the start with their health, The New Evolution Diet by Arthur De Vany is an absolute treasure. Do the following, and I will put the book in a USPS Priority envelope and send it your way for FREE.

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