A Primal Christmas Book Flood

The season is upon us! Browsing through many of my favorite blogs, I was inspired by an Icelandic tradition I had never heard of before, but sounded incredible. Being somewhat of a bookworm myself, I've decided to share my favorite list of health books either purchased or borrowed over the last year

Sleep Matters!

Think sleep can slide while you perfect your diet, fitness and lifestyle around Primal living? Think again. Sleep could be your missing ingredient. It may be everything when it comes to reversing many ailments and losing stubborn weight.

How Healthy is Your Healthy?

What is your definition of perfect health? Is there even such a thing? Sometimes, perfect health isn't attainable. Sometimes, it's our definition of health that needs tweaking. If healthy for you is feeling normal while constantly eating junk food, we may need to work on your definition a bit.

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