About Lee Sondeno

About Lee Sondeno, CPHC

Hi. My name is Lee Sondeno, and I am a Paleo health and lifestyle junkie, recovered SIBO/Candida/Leaky Gut/overweight product of the SAD (Standard American Diet)/conventional wisdom dogma, member of our wonderful, modern society, and a Certified Primal Health Coach.
You are probably visiting this site because like me, you are curious about what a Paleo diet is all about, what it means to live a Primal life--it's more than just diet--or whether or not this way of eating and living can help. And maybe also like you, it wasn't until I had my own health crisis that I realized the importance of good nutrition, and the downfalls of modern dietary guidelines.

When the symptoms started - not feeling good after I ate (anything), constant heartburn, that feeling of being tired and that something just wasn't right - I went to a doctor after literally thinking one night I was having a heart attack (I wasn't. It was more like a panic attack). After about a week on PPI's (I was told I'd have to take them for the rest of my life, which was "completely normal for a lot of people"), not only did my symptoms get worse, but the side-effects of the pills became downright dreadful. In complete desperation, I began researching what the prescribed meds were actually doing to me, and the long-term affects they could potentially have on my body. And the prognosis was not good. Not only was I further damaging my digestion, I was introducing other issues because of the medication. It was time to stop taking the pills, and start understanding what the root cause actually was. 
What I learned was disheartening (and maybe even inspirational), because it was completely opposite of what I was being told by conventional doctors. You mean I can actually fix this myself? I began focusing for the first time on gut health. And after spending countless hours researching and reading anything I could get my hands on, the key ingredient that kept coming up over and over was how an ancestral, or Paleo reset diet, had the potential to begin a healing process in my gut and digestion. How? By bringing your body back to the beginning, to what it was designed to eat and digest. And guess what? It wasn't in line at all with how many of us have been trained to eat our whole lives. I gave it a try, and within weeks I began feeling better.

It didn't make much sense: I'd taken nutrition courses in college. Some of my family members are even nutritionists, but besides "eat your vegetables," a Paleolithic diet didn't have much in common with the modern food pyramid; however, the proof was in my results.  People began asking me how I had changed so drastically, not only in my overall wellness, but in my body composition - a happy accident of following the Primal lifestyle that led to a much leaner physique, 30 pounds of less 
baggage to carry around, and more energy than I've felt since high school. How could I not give back and help others, and to show them how easy it is to completely turn their health around. Health, wellness, and ancestral nutrition became my obsession, which is what inspired me toward my Primal Health Coach Certification.
Gut health is still an extreme focus of mine, because I really do believe that so many diseases we see today start with how well your digestive mechanisms are operating. Alongside nutrition, there are other Primal components you will learn with me that are also extremely important, from sleep to sun exposure to stress management - all equally important on the journey to optimal wellness. I truly do believe in the Primal Health Coach methodology, and I've seen how it has effected clients and those around me for the better.
I am passionate about helping people, especially those that have or are going through similar circumstances to my story above. And I know how hard it is to bridge that gap between what may be recommended to you from a conventional wisdom, fix-the-pain-but-not-the-problem doctor, and how hard it is trying to single-handedly implement an ancestral-based, whole-health plan into your day-to-day life when it goes against everything you've been taught from modern day dietary guidelines and commercialized pharmaceutical and agricultural dogma. It's time for us to be active participant in our health, not just spectators, and I'm here to help. 
Thank goodness for people like Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson, and others who, without them I would have never been able to start my personal Primal journey. Their knowledge, expertise, blogs, and books were invaluable to a research addict like me, and I hope I can transfer some of that knowledge and expertise to you, and help you on your path to health and wellness.
* Please note that your success in following an ancestral diet and Primal lifestyle are highly individual. The numbers are there to back up the claims, but you are you, and as such results may vary. Though following a Primal diet did completely turn my life around, I did also work with a Functional Practitioner in my area (and a really good one at that). I would encourage all of you to search for an FP in your area that can help you propel your health journey even further with testing, diagnosis, and supplementation recommendations beyond what I can do for you as a health coach. Health Coaching supplies the base layer. An FP supplies the coat. 


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About In The Beginning Health

In the Beginning Health was created to inspire and empower individuals to take their health back to the beginning, back before modern-day food choices and conventional wisdom carved out in our lives a pattern of chronic illness, weight gain, and less-than-awesome lives.

The past holds clues to nutritional and optimal wellness, and much like the ancient Greeks solidifying their ideals (and chiseled physiques) in the patterns of constellations, we only need to well, look up, to be reminded of the way things were.

That's what the ITBH constellation represents - nutrition and fitness, wholeness and wellness mapped out for you before time began. We simply need to go back to that pattern, and one of the best ways to do that is with a Primal Lifestyle.