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Welcome. My name is Lee Sondeno, a Certified Primal Health Coach, and I'm excited to guide you on your journey toward optimal wellness. Being healthy wasn't always a priority of mine, but my recovery from illness by making a complete turnaround in my diet, lifestyle, and fitness inspires me to help others to do the same. Read more about me and my story here.

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Working with a health coach can mean the difference between a successful life change, or a never-ending quest for what's right, what works, and what doesn't. Whether you are battling an illness, looking for an improvement in your health and lifestyle habits, or ready to get past your weight loss plateau, a Primal lifestyle can help and I'm here to help you succeed. There is Hope.

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Take your health back to the start

Why go back?

A lot of what I've studied and applied over the years, through my health coach certification program and researching of others who have laid the foundation for an ancestral, primal, Paleolithic, prehistoric, even evolutionary perspective on human dietary requirements has a common thread - going back to your roots as a human being. This diet and lifestyle is nothing new, and it is not a fad. It's literally how our ancestry used to eat and move, and has been around for a long, long time. That's what In The Beginning Health is all about: Taking Your Health Back to the Start. 

Where's the start? Modern man created a problem through the rapid progression of commercialized agriculture and the Industrial Revolution. We became lazy, stressed, and started eating things that our bodies didn't know how to handle, or that the Good Lord didn't provide (processed & packaged). These two phenomenon account for a very small piece of our human existence.


So we go back. Back to a time where things were simpler in relation to your diet: you ate what you killed or harvested yourself, walked everywhere, you slept when the sun went down, woke up when the sun came up, and when you looked up at the night sky, you saw stars--not neon pollution. Generally speaking, back then we were healthier for it. We ate whole, nutrient dense foods - meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. We didn't have widespread vitamin D deficiencies or dealings with modern stressors.

To go back, we push all the processed, packaged products out of the way and actually cook what we eat. We sit less, move more. We control stress and define it for what it is: superfluous. When we do this, our body starts to reset, our genes begin to reprogram, and our body starts to heal itself. It is life and health and eating as God intended. Let's take your health back to the start. 

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